Forest photographed with view upwards

Forest bathing in St. Oswald

Recharge your batteries under the green leafy canopy

A tradition from Japan - part of your summer holidays in St. Oswald/Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia: Forest bathing. Dive into the depths of the trees and feel strengthened and alive again, grounded and calmed.

Forest bathing: Medicine for the soul

In Japan, it is considered part of a healthy lifestyle: forest bathing. It is called “Shinrinyoku” there and means “dive into the quietude of the forest”. Relaxation, feelings of happiness, energising - all of this is attributed to stays in the forest. Hocus-pocus? Not at all! On the contrary, the positive effects of spending time in the forest have even been scientifically proven: Anxiety, depression and anger are regulated, stress hormones are reduced, vitality increases. At Japanese universities, there is now even a separate branch of research - “forest medicine”.

Aroma therapy in the forest

Around the Hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim there is a spruce, larch and Swiss stone pine forest. A walk through nature is like an aroma therapy. The essential oils boost our immune system and the terpenes contained in the forest air strengthen our mind and soul. You will quickly feel strengthened again and at peace with yourself. Everything heavy will fall away from you, the power of the forest will pass to you. Being strong as a tree - this now takes on an entirely new meaning. For sometimes you simply have to block out everything else - the whole world outside. In St. Oswald you only need to think of nature in your summer holidays and what it can give you to gain new strength.

Forest bathing feels good - at the Hotel St. Oswald only a few steps lie between you and a bath of a different kind.

Can you already feel the anticipation? We look forward to presenting you with a no-obligation holiday offer.


A black dog in the snow Sunset on snowy mountain Woman walking along the edge of forest in high grass

What is the effect of forest bathing?

Walking and hiking through the forest and consciously perceiving the surroundings and the trees can reduce stress and brighten up your mood. In the middle of the natural atmosphere of the forest time seems to stand still, the body can recharge its batteries and you can recollect. The immune system will be strengthened and the clear air can be beneficial to breathing problems. However, it is very important to consciously perceive the Shinrin Yoku with all senses. Hearing the sound of the forest, seeing the play of vibrant colours and the natural surroundings, smelling the fragrances of the forest and feel the surface of the trees and the moss.

The best way to draw strength from forest bathing is to close your eyes, concentrate on the here and now and perceive the forest with an alert mind. You have to let go of everyday life’s thoughts because when you manage to do this, you will enjoy the tranquillity of nature, feel the gentle wind, hear a multitude of birdsong and be simply grateful to be enjoying this here and now.

Forest bathing in the middle of the biosphere reserve Nock Mountains

In the Wiesernock forest you can wonderfully recharge your batteries on the mossy ground under the spruces. The soft ground is great for walking barefoot, you can truly feel the gentleness on your soles. Look up into the treetops lying on your back, be astonished about the ramification and yet clear lines of a tree, and watch the clouds pass by on the sky above.

In the Schartenwald forest right below our alpine garden you can find a wonderful piece of earth with numerous larchs. These rise straight up into the sky. If you imitate this you can truly straighten up, physically as well as mentally.

If you walk along the nature experience trail beginning just above the tennis courts of the hotel then you will encounter various forest areas which allow you to recharge your batteries and reflect. One time it is the larch that wants to be embraced and gives you strength, another time it is the large tree stump that invites you to sit down and enjoy the splendour of the surrounding forests and mountain peaks. Along the way, you will witness the concert of a singing blackbird, the fir hawk’s call, the fright of the roe deer or the merry chirping of the tits.


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