The Hotel St. Oswald hides in the landscape

Relaxation holidays at the Hotel St. Oswald

Feel nature, find your own centre

At the hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim you will arrive amidst nature - and at your inner self. The mountains, the fresh air, the far views are balm for the soul. A timeout in the rhythm of nature.

Arrive in the mountains

Sometimes you simply have to get away to find rest. Have to take your time to breathe through. Take your time to let go. Take your time for nature. At the Hotel St. Oswald, surrounded by alpine nature, high above Bad Kleinkirchheim on 1,400 m you can arrive at your own centre again. Being active in the mountains or relaxing with a view of the wonderful panorama. Enjoy quietude - there is no traffic noise here, no scurry, no stuffy summer heat.

Enjoy nature - day & night

Nature is omnipresent around the Hotel St. Oswald and will caress your senses. During the day, when you will be outdoors and discover the exciting corners and heights in the Nock Mountains and let the gentle mountain quietude, the beautiful sounds of nature, the incredible views work their wonders. There is something immensely calming about that, which smooths the troubled waves of everyday life. At night, with the window open, enjoy deep, restful sleep in peace in your room or suite. The sounds of nature will accompany you to the land of dreams. Wake up fully rested - there is no feeling more beautiful than that.

Breathe through and anticipate your holidays - your online enquiry or booking will be promptly answered.

Couple taking a break at a lake The forest photographed upwards View to the Hotel St. Oswald from the garden
Couple walking through the winter landscape Flowers on meadow Person skiing during sunset
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