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Regional for the good conscience

Regional dishes & Carinthian specialties in the restaurant St. Oswald

We believe that the best ingredients for our creations grow in the surroundings. This is why we trust in local suppliers - whenever possible - that provide us with fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk products and meat. Because you can taste the difference!

Short transport routes - best taste

Regional also means: being able to enjoy something as fresh as possible! After all, fruits and vegetables are picked when they are ripe and reach the table quickly - so they hardly lose any of their nutrients or flavour as it is the case with longer storage and long transport routes. Short transport routes are easy on our environment and nature which we love so much.

Support the region

Buying with local producers promotes the local economy and small farms in the surroundings which are close to our heart. This way we can guarantee you the best taste and at the same time do something for our region. Moreover, we have been knowing our suppliers in person for many, many years and therefore know what we get from them. Select ingredients, highest quality!

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Know what you eat

Good basic products do not need any flavour enhancers. Conservatives are a no-go on our plates. For what do you need for a fine dish? Fresh ingredients, know-how and the patience to process them freshly. Sometimes this takes time. Which we are happy to take for your pleasure. And you can taste this. This always includes love, passion, the desire to please.

Slow Food

Our kitchen philosophy is called “slow food” in modern language. Our basic instinct tells us that healthy and good food needs time. Time to let the basic products ripen naturally. Time to process them with care and love. And time to enjoy them.

To be able to enjoy our culinary to the full we will be happy to welcome you to a holiday with us in St. Oswald. Send us your enquiry or reservation!

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