The holiday hotel St. Oswald

The Hotel St. Oswald - Our philosophy

Holidays with and in nature

Experience nature with all senses. The mountains, the meadows and forests, the streams and lakes. Smell, taste, hear, see and feel. On 1,400 m at the Hotel St. Oswald, your plenteous holiday experience will begin. With cordiality, hospitality and an eye for detail.

Life in rhythm with nature

At the Hotel St. Oswald you will arrive in the middle of nature - and it is also nature which will guide your holiday experience, whether in spring, in summer, in autumn or in winter. For nature is our motor and our clock up here in St. Oswald in Carinthia. We follow its rhythm and feel strong and grounded thanks to it. In nature we trust and we go with it step by step. As we grew up in the region above Bad Kleinkirchheim this feeling has been rooted in us for generations and has coined us with quietude and prudence, joy and careful deeds.

Experience nature with all senses

Up on 1,400 m we feel very clearly how the seasons come and go: every natural phenomenon in spring, summer, autumn and winter is unique. And we would like to share this fascinating experience with you. You can capture the beauty and the variety of nature with all your senses during your holidays. Outdoors on our alpine sunbathing lawn when the light summer breeze tickles your skin, your hands stroke the grass and you have the smell of the many mountain herbs in your nose. Or in the magically snow-covered forest when you breathe in the clear air, marvel at glistening snow crystals and listen to the crunching sound of your steps on the ground.

Garden lounger in the garden of the Hotel St. Oswald Woman in a red dress stretches on a balcony Bad Kleinkirchheim in winter

A heart for our guests

And after all those explorations in nature you will come back to the Hotel St. Oswald above Bad Kleinkirchheim to warmth, comfort and cosiness. Your well-being will always be our top priority and the warm smile of our employees, the passion behind each gesture, the joy to make you happy, will make you feel it. Every detail will disclose to you a small thought, a little something which will make you wonder and want to explore. Let yourself be indulged by us, with regional specialties, in our fountain of youth, on the sun terrace, at the bar


This holiday time will be fully yours. Experience these unique moments here with us high up on 1,400 m above Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia. Time to enjoy nature with all your senses. Can you already feel the anticipation for your relaxing holiday in Carinthia? We will be happy to answer your enquiry!

Set table with burning candle Double bed at the Hotel St. Oswald Ski slope in Bad Kleinkirchheim
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