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Activities in Carinthia in spring & summer

Experiences in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Whether amidst freshly blossoming meadows in the first warm sunshine of the year or in the refreshing mountain air - in spring & summer numerous experiences will await you around the Hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim, from hiking & biking to golf, tennis and bathing.


The magic of spring & summer

Every season is a special event around the Hotel St. Oswald. Spring inspires with its variety of colours that break through the white of winter. Nature slowly blossoms - first in the valley, then also on the mountain in St. Oswald at 1,400 m - and it gets noticeably warmer. In summer, the meadows and forests glow in intense green and the mountains invite you to refresh yourself in the mountain air, while the heat broods in the valley below. Both seasons are enriched with many unique activities that will make your holiday at Hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim an experience.

Experiences wherever you look around Bad Kleinkirchheim

The first hiking or biking tour of the year or the second, third and fourth during the summer: The warm seasons around the Hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim can be excellently filled with experiences in nature. The biosphere reserve Nock Mountains is richly endowed with hiking trails and bike tours. From April you can also tee off at the golf club in Bad Kleinkirchheim on 1,100 metres above sea level. Or how about a round of tennis at the hotel’s own tennis court? In summer, the bathing lakes in Carinthia will invite you to take a dip in the water.

Exercising in the activity park on the Brunnach

in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Would you like to exercise with a panoramic view?

Then off you go to the activity park in Bad Kleinkirchheim! Not only for children it is an experience on the mountain, adults also test their dexterity here.

Take the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach up to the mountain station, where there are no limits to your activities on a spacious 3,000 m² area. Here you will find various movement elements to exercise your body and to prove your strength and skills, such as balancing poles, a rope ferry where you have to cross a pond with your own muscle power, a water maze with timekeeping and much more. And because you also need some quietude for balance there is of course no lack of beneficial relaxation: Many different seating areas invite you to come to rest and let your thoughts wander, whether in a cosy sitting basket or out and about on the Mountain Yoga Trail. The view of the surrounding Nock Mountains will do the rest to recharge your batteries.

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Hiking & mountain biking in the Nock Mountains

Spring and summer in Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia, are ideal for different hikes and bike tours. 1000 km of hiking trails in total as well as 1000 km of bike routes in all levels of difficulty will present themselves to you around Bad Kleinkirchheim. Explore the varied flora & fauna of the biosphere reserve Nock Mountains by foot or on your bike. In spring, the snow line is still lower, then in summer you can climb peaks up to 2,500 m high and whiz along trails.

Spring & summer for families

Families will find a world full of exciting experiences in the region around the Hotel St. Oswald in spring and summer in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Outdoors, the children will explore the natural surroundings together with the adults while hiking or on cycling trips. In addition, a varied programme will await your little loved ones in the “Lebensbaum” of the Hotel St. Oswald with many activities and loving care! This will make you feel really comfortable!

Yoga on almost 2,000 metres above sea level

Since summer 2020 we are delighted to have a new free relaxation offer for the body, mind and soul: the Bad Kleinkirchheim Mountain Yoga Trail. Amidst a breath-taking panorama and in the immediate vicinity of the top station of the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach you can do exercises to focus, for strength and agility at more than 10 stations. Close the eyes - be entirely in the here and now, surrounded by the scent of nature and forests. Open the eyes, let your gaze wander far and wide and find your inner centre. This is relaxation!

An accompanying folder with detailed explanations will be available for visitors at the valley and the top station. Depending on your own sense of time you will need about 1-1.5 hours to complete the yoga trail.

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The UNESCO biosphere reserve Nock Mountains in Carinthia

The Carinthian Nock Mountains are something very special: They are in fact characterised by a very high diversity of species in flora and fauna. This is also why they received the unique award UNESCO biosphere reserve. In the philosophy of the biosphere reserve, man lives in harmony with nature which lets a high-quality natural and cultural landscape come into being. Nature is protected by man and can thus preserve its diversity.

For example: A lot of emphasis is placed on the sparse fertilisation of the pastures in the valley depending on the weather, and driving the cattle up to the alpine meadows in summer so that the best food with alpine herbs guarantees a very good milk and meat quality. Every farmer only possesses as many head of cattle as his pasture area and barn size allow. There is a balance of animals and useable area which is held very high here.

At the same time traditions of the region are preserved and reinforced which can, for example, be seen in the different traditional events such as asking for a healthy and prosperous year at Pentecost, saying thank you when driving down the cattle from the alps and during Thanksgiving in September, the “kirchtag” which takes place after the first big mowing of the grass.

In this togetherness of nature and culture lies the power and the beauty of the biosphere reserve Nock Mountains which is therefore a very special destination for excursions or a hike in pristine, unspoilt nature.

Summer & winter tobogganing in the biosphere reserve Nock Mountains

Since December 2020, tobogganing in Bad Kleinkirchheim can be enjoyed in winter an in summer. Located right at the valley station of the Kaiserburgbahn the Kaiserburg Bob - Carinthia’s first all-year car bob run was opened. You'll really pick up speed!

 In 36 modern double seat bobs, fast and dynamic fun will await you on a total length of 1.4 kilometres with a maximum speed of 40 km/h and an average gradient of about 24%. It takes 8-10 minutes to go rapidly uphill and downhill, over fast straights and through 26 racy curves. An absolute highlight is the final - an approximately 7 metre high loop just before the end where you can speed up for a last time. Thrills like on a roller coaster will lie before you!

 The car bob run can be used by children from the age of 10 and a height of 1.30 m on their own, children from the age of 4 can venture on the fun with an adult accompanying them (at least 15 years of age).

More information on the opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the mountain cable car of Bad Kleinkirchheim.

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