Your Master of Ceremonies

Your personal Master of Ceremonies is available to assist you in the preparation of your special event.  She or he will give you numerous helpful tips and suggestions to make your celebration go off flawlessly.

Decorations and Flowers

... we will select them to match your own personal taste.  For all questions relating to flowers and decorations, we work closely with our in-house decorator and with external specialists, who are able to draw on an extensive wealth of experience when it comes to decorating festive celebrations.  If you want to know in advance precisely how your banquet table etc, is going to look, we would be glad to show you examples of some of the possibilities available to you.

Special Packages

Enjoy your celebration with every fiber of your body, allowing us to give you the pampering you deserve.  For celebrations of at least 50 guests, we offer your invited guests an upgrade to a luxurious suite.  You will only pay the regular rate for a standard room (based on availability).
And when it comes to the wedding night, champagne breakfast in your room is, of course, included.

Guest Accommodations

We offer your guests a special weekend package.  Please call us for additional details!

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Thoughts on marriage

Ehepaar in der Kirche

Take the life of two people who are in love, wipe it clean of annoyances, hectic activity, fear and worry, then divide every year into 12 months and split every month into 30 or 31 parts, so that it will last for a whole lifetime.

Then, each day is prepared separately, consisting of 24 hours of trust in God and 8 hours of work, add to that 3 tablespoons of cheer and 5 heaping tablespoons of patience, a teaspoon of friendliness, a grain of whit and a pinch of tolerance.

On the stove, all of this is cooked up with the heat of difficulties, hardship and misunderstandings, until the sweet fragrance of God’s kindness and forgiveness tells us that the repast can now be enjoyed. Garnish the finished dish with small florets of attentiveness and serve it up with cheerfulness – along with a refreshing cup of milk.  And now: BON APPETIT !!