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Massages & cosmetics at the Hotel St. Oswald

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The fountain of youth at the Hotel St. Oswald in Bad Kleinkirchheim/Carinthia will invite you to go on a journey to completely relax your body and mind, recharge your batteries, regain balance and feel good with massages and cosmetic treatments.

Immerse yourself in the fountain of youth

Sometimes you need expert hands to bring the body back into balance with massages and treatments. It is our primary objective to get the highest effect for humans with the best active substances from nature to improve well-being and appearance.

Professional massages & treatments

Our fountain of youth is dedicated to exactly this. Here you will have all the time in the world to get professionally indulged by our professional balance experts. Whether with massages, complementary lymphatic drainage, acupuncture or cosmetic applications according to the Piroche Cosmétiques method based on bioenergetics.

Recharge your batteries, let go

Our fountain of youth is not called that for nothing - feel energised and refreshed, unstressed and completely relaxed. Here you will have many opportunities to regain your balance, pampered by professional hands. We only use natural products that are free from chemical preservatives and that have been produced without animal testing. We always adapt our treatments to your skin type and carry it out on the basis of the internationally recognised "Piroche" method.

Spa, activity & pleasure united at the Hotel St. Oswald: Browse through our room offer and book your holidays online!



Balance packages in summer 2023

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