The path to wellbeing

The basis of our individual treatments is the internationally accepted Methode "Piroche".  Its foundation is the ancient Chinese "5 Elements Theory", as well as the principle of Yin (the feminine, winter, lower body, night, darkness) and Yang (male, summer, upper body, day, light).

The genetic make-up of any person contains a great potential for health and beauty.  Disturbances in energy flow are reflected in the face.  The causes for these disturbances are recognized by us and treated.

The Reflexological Zones

Aside from cosmetic problems, the skin also reflects functional disturbances in the energy flow of our inner organs.  According to the Methode Piroche, the various color zones in the face each reflect  different regions of the body. For example: Energy disturbances are reflected in redness of the skin. 
Our line of natural cosmetics provides highly effective support to our various treatment forms.  After a few applications, our products result in a general sense of wellbeing, revitalizing relaxation and an improvement in cosmetic problems.

The products used are made solely of natural ingredients, without chemical preservatives and are never the result of animal experimentation!

Our Balance Team is always ready to share their expert advice with you whenever you have a question.

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DetailsAroma Therapy

Essential oils, herb and flower essences have been known and treasured for millennia as a form of therapy aimed at restoring physical and mental wellbeing.

The sense of smell is one of our most important guides through life.

Areas of application for essential oils: internal, external, or via our sense of smell.


We combine the soothing effects of essential oils with the therapeutic and care-giving ingredients of valuable fatty oils!

As a base oil, we primarily use unrefined, cold-pressed oils, such as almond oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, St. John’s wort oil, aloe oil and others. Aromatic oils relieve tension, raise the spirits, free you from stress and reinvigorate your health.

We regard aroma-therapy massage as an art, which is created by a sensitivity and symbiosis between the masseur, you and the fragrances of the oils which are used. Yet another aspect of aroma therapy is AYURVEDA, with benefits for beauty, health and overall sense of wellbeing.


Bathing in select essential oils is one of the most beautiful forms of aroma therapy! Pamper yourself, care for yourself and heal yourself with natural emulsifiers (honey, cream, egg yolk, lecithin), all of which are exceptionally kind on the skin.

Cream Bath: 5-10 drops of essential oil in 2-3 tablespoons of cream – or egg yolk, stir and add to the bath water. The natural emulsifiers of cream moisturize and prevent undue skin dryness.

DetailsMagnetic Field Therapy

"Magnetic energy is the elemental energy, upon which the entire life of the human organism depends!" (Nobel Prize Winner, Werner Heisenberg)

What can QRCET achieve?

Improvement in cell respiration, activation of the cell metabolism, stimulation of neuro signals, acceleration of ion transport, optimization of blood circulation, enhanced function of the blood vessels, increased oxygen transport in the blood, stimulation of the metabolism...

When does QRCET benefit you?

The most important indications are: treatment of pain, stimulation of healing, treatment of degenerative ailments of the locomotor apparatus and spine, treatment of rheumatic and arthritic complaints. This treatment is also an ideal supportive measure for far less serious conditions.

DetailsÄgyptos Vitality Wrap

ÄGYPTOS exclusively produces cosmetics products for the body. This specialization led to the development one of the most highly effective treatment methods, the so-called Vitality Wrap. It contains natural and effective ingredients, therapeutic soils and salt from the Dead Sea. Both are forms of beauty care and a means of maintaining good health, and have been known for millennia. These ingredients are also found in many ÄGYPTOS body products intended for home use.


This unique body treatment is only available to you through specially trained cosmeticians, therapists and physiotherapists. You are wrapped in pleasantly warm cotton bandages that are gentle on the skin.

This is how our genuine Balance Program begins.

The bandages are kept pleasantly loose, you will neither freeze nor sweat, the ingredients are odorless and promote deep relaxation. While you lie there and relax for a full hour, the active ingredients of the ÄGYPTOS vitality soil used in the wrap, begin to work.

The components of this vitality soil are naturally pure “loess”, similar to the therapeutic soil often used at spas, along with salt from the Dead Sea and other minerals.

The Dead Sea salt promotes ion exchange with the skin. The loess removes toxins from the skin, to the point that the bandages often smell of coffee or nicotine after they have been removed.

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Five morphological types Platzhalter-Grafik

Five morphological types are each ascribed one color and one element:

GREEN: associated with the element of wood: slim build, muscular, critical zone with respect to liver function

RED: associated with the element of fire: robust and stout, inclined to circulatory disorders

YELLOW: the Earth type, harmonious body form, weak areas are the stomach and pancreas

WHITE: the element “metal”, fat deposits in the lower body area, endangered organs are the lungs and large intestine

GREY: the element “water”, thin, weak musculature, critical organs are the kidneys and bladder, dark rings around the eyes