first-class employees who help us creating a holiday experience; open and flexible employees who do not shrink from walking towards the guest; employees who help shaping the structure of the business

regular working hours, a life in holiday hotel in a holiday region, a working atmosphere that is supported by partnership and team spirit, a helping hand in personal problem situations, the standing invitation to think, talk and shape with us, priority information about career opportunities in all our partner hotels, a program for further education and training for both professional and personal development

Our profession is not tourism but rather hospitality. Every day we render services to our guests as a partner and advisor. Working in this profession demands and claims the entire person every day. The entire person...

  • with his readiness to work and purposefulness that make him act spontaneously and creatively in every situation.
  • with his head ready for independent thinking and the ability to think for himself critically and watchfully
  • with heart and feeling - open for the guest and the co-workers in the team

Learning and further education
"You learn something new every day" . For us, this is not just a phrase. The constant willingness to learn and develop oneself is regarded as the necessary prerequiste for a personal career and the way to maintain our lead in holiday accomodation

Positive thinking
We want to improve and strengthen something that each of our employees should already have in a large portion right from the start: the positive attitude towards this demanding and satisfying profession. It gives rise to the joy of this daily renewd adventure to shape holidays and to help others to relax from their everyday work and to gather new energy.

Create a climate
Of course, here on the southern side of the Alps we are favoured by the weather with more sunshine than other regions. But in fact we do not bother so much with the weather. Because the climate that makes holidays with us so distinctive is created as our personal and familiar atmoshphere together as a team with our employees.

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