Myth of the Valeriana Plant

The Valeriana, an almost forgotten medicinal plant, is experiencing a renaissance here in the Nockberge National Park.

On certain hiking trails in the area around Bad Kleinkirchheim, you can enjoy the captivating fragrance of the plant, then relax at a romantic mountain inn with your feet soaking in a foot bath containing valeriana oil. A wellness experience for every fiber of your being.

An unpretentiously small plant with a great history and extraordinary inner powers.  As far back as 2500 years ago, valeriana was prized in the Orient for its intensive and aromatic fragrance and its special cosmetic potential.  In fact, in North Africa and in Europe, valeriana enjoyed somewhat of a cult-like status for many centuries.  People bathed and perfumed themselves in valeriana.  The broadest imaginable range of illnesses were treated with valeriana.  And especially here in the Alps, the plant became a highly desired trading commodity.  Until 1936, that is, when valeriana became a protected plant species.

In the Nockberge, the only area where this rare species of valeriana grows, this extraordinary plant is now experiencing a renaissance.  Based on a five-year research project by the University of Natural Resources in Vienna, we have learned, amongst other things, that it thrives best when harvested in moderation. 
Now, for the first time, visitors to the Nockberge can enjoy the almost forgotten culture of valerian in the new, yet tradition-conscious format of a “wellness hike”. No chemicals and no staged scenes!

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