Nockberge Biosphere Park

Gently rolling hills created from crystalline rock, known as “Nocken” in this part of the world, gave Austria’s oldest mountain region its name.

This landscape is marked by extraordinary variety, encompassing mountain forests and alpine pastures, carefully husbanded and exploited for generations, together with an array of pristine, ancient geographical features.  This rich natural and cultural landscape is studded with jewels of the plant and animal kingdoms.

Readily accessible - with minimal impact on the environment - via the Nockalm Road, nature trails, information points, museums and an extensive program of guided tours offered by the National Park, give nature-lovers incomparable opportunities to explore this part of the world.

The Nockberge is Europe’s only biosfere park set amid gently domed high mountains, with the broadest expanses of spruce, larch and stone pine in the entire Eastern Alps.

The unmistakable appearance of the rounded “Nock´n” is one of the Earth’s true rarities and is quite unique within the Alpine region. The Earth’s geological processes created an incomparable, multi-facetted alpine world over a period of hundreds of millions of years, through constant changes in land and sea, desert and rain forest.

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Place of power & energy

Frau auf der Wiese

Take full advantage of the sports and recreational opportunities offered throughout the region, at elevations ranging between 1100m and 2500m above sea level.

Awaiting you are the Hotel St. Oswald, the gentle Nockberge, clean air, healing thermal waters, an incomparable world of plants and animals, pristine nature & endearing people ...