the stone of power & passion

Follow in the footsteps of this gemstone, experience a weekend of a really special kind and let yourself be carried away into the world of what has been called the "red carbuncle".

Garnets have fascinated people for centuries. The famous bishop and scholar Albertus Magnus gave this dark-red stone the name "garnet" as far back as the 13th century.

When the garnet emerges from the mine, it is dark and lacks its radiant light. Only when the stone cutter has given the gem its lustre and polished it does the garnet get its fire and reveal its overall beauty.

Garnet is believed to cast out demons, bestow new energy and help overcome crises by strengthening resilience and endurance. It promotes dynamism and creativity, stimulates the metabolism, has a fortifying effect on the liver and pancreas, aids in the regeneration of all organs ... the list of positive effects of this stone - also known as "drops of Christ's blood" - is endless.

Discover this stone for yourself, discover a jewel and discover yourself. At 1400 m in the Hotel St. Oswald, we will take you into the world of the garnet. Use the power of this stone, experience its positive effect during a luxurious garnet dream body treatment and perhaps come across one of these blood-red gems, which are often found covered only by mica schist, on the trails through the Nockberge Mountains.

Did you know that Laufenberg garnet was mined here in Radenthein until 1909 and then taken to Bohemian gem-cutters? It was then sold under the name "Bohemian garnet".

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