Our safety and hygiene measures

Let us pamper you in peace here with us!
The health of everyone is always our highest priority here with us.

This is why we have drawn up a catalogue of measures which is constantly adapted to the current requirements.


All of us, that means all employees as well as us as the host family, are tested on a weekly basis. This has proven successful in the past and we will continue to do so in the coming months.

It has been shown in the past that our guests have felt very safe and comfortable despite the current situation. We have received much positive feedback from our guests concerning our Corona measures during their stay as well as at their departure. We have often been told that we have enough space in all areas such as the hotel lobby, the restaurant area, on our beautiful sun terrace as well as in the indoor pool area, so that everyone can enjoy their holiday "safely" and to the full.

Our inclusive services will be maintained as good as possible with all necessary safety measures. Some things will be different this year, you will enjoy many things more and perceive more consciously.

If we adhere to all prescribed measures nothing will stand in the way of great holidays with us at the Hotel St. Oswald. In general, we place a very strong emphasis everyone’s self-responsibility.

Entry and Arrival

  • Currently, you do not need proof of entry to check-in at the hotel.
  • When you enter Austria, you need a 3-G-proof (recovered, tested, vaccinated). Further information on the validity of the certificates can be found at www.austria.info  
  • Before your arrival you can check the website www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at concerning the current regulations.
  • The current situation in regard to travel warnings can be found on the website of Österreich Werbung www.austriatourism.com
  • Information on the current entry regulations can be found here: www.ecdc.europa.eu
  • Further current information on our region can be found under: www.badkleinkirchheim.at
  • Information on the frequently asked questions can be found under: www.visitcarinthia.at

Booking and cancellation

  • We have adapted our cancellation conditions to the situation. Currently you can cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival.
  • Should there be any changes concerning your planned holidays with us we will find a solution by talking together. Together with you we will look for an alternative date for your holidays with us.
  • If you need to cancel and you have already made a down payment then we can offer you a credit note for your next stay.
  • In the event of an official closure of the borders or the hotels we will offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Should there be any restrictions (illness, accident) before your arrival please contact us immediately.
  • We also ask you to only arrive in a healthy state.                       
  • Tip: We recommend to take out a travel insurance via the Europäische Reiseversicherung (We recommend Hotelstorno Premium). Here you will also have insurance cover in the event of a travel interruption or an incident related to the pandemic. More information can be obtained here: Cancellation cover despite the pandemic. More on the general cancellation and accident insurance can be found here.


  • Please note that FFP2 masks are currently mandatory in all public places in the hotel.
  • When you arrive, we ask that only 1 person per family/per room go to reception to register.
  • One at a time will be served.
  • Before you register, we ask you to disinfect your hands at the disinfectant dispensers at the entrance or in the lobby.
  • At the moment we refrain from shaking hands when you arrive.
  • The registration sheet will be filled out on site as usual. This is done on arrival or a little bit later. You are also welcome to send us all your data in advance by e-mail. Then you only have to sign the registration sheet on site.
  • If you would like to, we will accompany you to your room or suite as usual. If you do not want this, please simply tell us so at your arrival.
  • You will even be offered the usual luggage service. If you would like us to help you carry your luggage, please tell us.
  • In all public areas you can find the rules of conduct clearly visible.

In your room

  • In each of our rooms you can find a guide for better orientation. We will also offer you a hand hygiene gel as well as a mouth protection for purchase.
  • The mini bar will be filled according to your wishes, please tell us your preferences after you have arrived.

General hygiene measures

  • Hygiene has always been an important matter to us.
  • All areas are cleaned at even shorter intervals.
  • Public areas are equipped with disinfection dispensers.
  • Our cleaning agents already contain an antibacterial/viral substance.
  • Regular airing is a matter of course for us.


  • Our excellent Hotel St. Oswald cuisine will also be offered to you as usual in these times:
    • Strengthen yourself with our rich breakfast buffet.
      (partly presented at the buffet and partly served)

    • In the afternoon you will be offered our afternoon snack as usual.
    • After an active day you will enjoy a tasty menu with choices and a salad buffet in the evening.
  • We ask you to disinfect your hands before going to the buffet and afterwards.

Bathing and sauna landscape

  • In our bathing and sauna landscape you can enjoy everything as usual.
  • At the entrance to the indoor pool you can find an information sheet how many persons are allowed at teh same time in the pool or in the sauna or in the steam bath.
  • In addition, you will find further detailed information in every single area.
  • The loungers in the spa area as well as on the sunbathing lawn are positioned as usual so that enough distance can be kept. There is enough space for everyone!
  • All massage and cosmetic treatments are offered in compliance with the required hygiene measures.
  • The spa area is open according to the regulations for the spa and leisure industry, whereby members of a group of guests are also treated the same as persons living in the same household.

Child care

  • Our child care in the unique “Lebensbaum” is offered as usual.
  • We ask that you and your children wash your hands when entering and leaving the “Lebensbaum”.
  • Only healthy children are accepted.


  • At the moment we prefer payment without cash, however, you can of course also pay in cash.
  • Tip: We recommend you to transfer the costs for your stay in advance and to pay the remaining amount with debit or credit card on site.
  • You are welcome to pay your bill the day before until 9.00 pm as well as on the day of departure from 8.00 am.

Activities/programme on site

  • More information on the guided sports programme and the different, guided hikes will be available at the reception.
  • The Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach as well as the Kaiserburgbahn will operate as usual in compliance with the current hygiene measures.

What happens in the event of a suspected case?

  • Should you feel unwell we ask you to let us know immediately.
  • Afterwards we will contact the doctor.
  • You will then be placed in room quarantine and wait for the doctor’s instructions.
  • Other family members will receive a separate room if available.
  • Until the negative result arrives you will stay in your room and will be provided with us with food which will be put outside of the room door.
  • Should there be a positive result, the health authority is informed and we will get further instructions which we will promptly carry out.


Behind the scenes

… there will be the same guidelines for suppliers as well as for all employees.

If a mindful, respectful approach is observed with the necessary distance, nothing will stand in the way of relaxing holidays.

Simply safe in your holidays with us in the Hotel St. Oswald

To help you prepare for your time-out here with us, we have summarised the most important information for you at a glance. We wish you beautiful holidays!

Can I enter and depart without restrictions?
The current situation can be found on the website of Österreich Werbung online under www.austriatourism.com

What rules do I need to observe in the hotel?
At the moment, masks are not mandatory in the hotel. We offer you sufficient disinfection dispensers for the cleaning of the hands. Please show consideration of each other with the necessary degree of personal responsibility.

How will my stay at the hotel feel?
You will be excited as the holiday feeling will always be present.
Much space, enormously much healthy and fresh mountain air as well as the finest food will leave nothing to be desired.
It’s best if you convince yourself!

Can I go wherever I want?
This is a tremendous advantage here at the hotel St. Oswald. So much space and freedom for the body and the mind will let you spend really relaxing holidays.
Going through the fresh mountain air, the crystal-clear spring water and the best local food will ensure best health and well-being.
In banks, in the pharmacy, at the doctor, in all shops as well as on public transport you need to wear a mouth-nose-protection.Outdoors as well as on squares in towns it is not necessary to wear a mask.
Do the cable cars and the lifts operate and which regulations are there?
The mountain lifts will be in operation. 3G proof is required for use.(vaccinated, recovered, tested).
Wearing a FFP2 mask is required at the ticket office, in the access area and in the cable car cabins. Further information as well as the latest status can be found on the website of the cable cars at www.badkleinkirchheim.com.

Are the huts and restaurants open?
When you enter you need to register digitally via the myVisitPass app. Masks are not mandatory in the huts and in the restaurants. Moreover, you will need a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation that you have recovered from COVID-19. Information on the digital guest registration can be found under: www.kaernten.at

Can other leisure activities such as hiking, mountain biking, golfing, playing tennis and swimming in the indoor pool be enjoyed without restriction?
Yes, and moreover, we would like to add that exercising is healthy. You will strengthen your immune system, free your mind and come back home with fresh energy.

Can I book my favourite massage?
Yes, let yourself be indulged by masseuse Maritta and beautician Karin with excellent treatments according to Piroche and marvellous aromatic oils, all in compliance with the prescribed hygiene standards, of course.

Can I use the indoor pool?

Yes. The bathing and sauna landscape can be used without restrictions. We have put up an information sheet at the entrance which will tell you how many persons are allowed in which areas at the same time.
In general, we emphasise your personal responsibility. This way you can enjoy your holidays in a relaxing way.

Do you want further information on our village Bad Kleinkirchheim and the region of Carinthia?
Then take a glance at the total overview of our regional websites from Bad Kleinkirchheim as well as Carinthia.
Further helpful tips and information on special topics can be found there. Should you want to know which colour is shown by the corona lights in our region simply click here.
Move your mouse from the South of Austria over Villach towards North until you reach Bad Kleinkirchheim at the border to Salzburg and Styria.

The most important questions about the current regulations: (subject to change)

Where do I need a mask?

Since November 2021, masks will be compulsory in all enclosed spaces, as well as public transport and motor vehicles, when motor vehicles are shared by persons who do not live in the same household. For children, this applies from the age of 12.

How long are vaccinations valid?

As of February 1, 2022, the validity period of vaccination certificates in Austria (green passport) will change: The first vaccination series (2 vaccinations or recovery + 1 vaccination) will be valid for 180 days in the future.
The booster vaccination certificate (3 vaccinations or recovery + 2 vaccinations) is still valid for 270 days. For entry into Austria, vaccination certificates or other proof of vaccination continue to be valid for 270 days.

What should I look for in a recovery certificate?

If you have already survived a Covid 19 illness, your recovery certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of recovery.
Proof of this is a medical or official confirmation of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 survived in the last 180 days, which has been confirmed by molecular biology (e.g. PCR test).

At what age do children need a 3-G certificate?

Children 12 years and older require 3-G proof. Children under 12 do not require proof.

Tests in the region around Bad Kleinkirchheim

Every vacation guest (whether domestic or foreign) can pick up three gargle PCR tests/week free of charge from pharmacies. Registration via the gargle test system test.zmdx.at used in Carinthia is necessary for this. Guests from abroad simply leave the field "social security number" blank. For address, that of the hotel can also be entered. The tests carried out at home/in the hotel room can be handed in for analysis at any SPAR branch (supermarket) or any pharmacy. The result will be communicated digitally (by SMS/e-mail) after approx. 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can find testing facilities at:
Test station Millstatt (municipal office, Marktplatz 8).
Mon, Wed and Fri, PCR test, registration at: https://apotheken.oesterreich-testet.at/#/registration/start or 0800 220330. Free for Austrians, € 35 for guests from abroad.

Test station Spittal (Red Cross, Porcia Center, Neuer Platz 1).
Mon-Fri from 07:00-12:00, antigen and PCR, registration at: österreich-testet.at. Free of charge for ALL.

General overview for locals & guests


As soon as we receive the latest guidelines and rules we will adjust the information given here. We will also keep you up to date with our newsletter.

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