A Family with Tradition

The Pulverer-Scheriau Family & Bad Kleinkirchheim

A Success Story

The development of the town of Bad Kleinkirchheim, from a farming community to one of the leading tourism destinations in all of Austria, is inseparably intertwined with the history of the Pulverer Family

The First Guests

The founders of this hotel dynasty were Jakob’s son, Josef Pulverer, and his wife Maria.  Josef took over the farm in 1926.  In 1928, they received a concession to open a café.  Maria was a talented young innkeeper and an avid Carinthian, always mindful of the traditions of her homeland.  Not surprising, then, that it didn’t take long for the concession to be upgraded to inn status.  In 1930, they began to accept overnight guests, paving the foundation for today’s Hotel Pulverer. In 1953, Reinhard and Annemarie Pulverer took over the business and built it up into a top-quality hotel.  At the same point in time, Bad Kleinkirchheim began to develop into a popular vacation and rehabilitation centre.  Once again, it was the Pulverer family who set the tone. From a building society, they purchased the town’s first thermal swimming pool, which had been constructed right in front of the farm, thus contributing to the further expansion of the town’s health- and spa-related tourism.

The Hotel Pulverer and the Nockalmhütte are run by daughter, Siegrun, while their son, Josef, is in charge of the Kaiserburg and Rossalm inns. Walter Scheriau married Reingard Pulverer, the eldest daughter of Reinhard and Annemarie. 4 children resulted from the marriage: Anna, Stephan, Christoph and Elisabeth. In 1977, the two of them took over the Hotel St. Oswald, which they then developed with tender care into a true jewel of this village idyll we know as St. Oswald. Harmoniously nestled amid the Nockberge, with an architectural style which blends seamlessly into its natural setting, it is no wonder that the architect, Othmar Egger, won the Austrian Prize for Architecture with this wonderful masterpiece. The willingness to make on-going improvements to the business and, above all, their always positive attitude, truly set the development of St. Oswald into motion barely two decades ago, also serving as in impetus for creation of a well-rounded tourism infrastructure in this historically so valuable part of town.

The Hotel St. Oswald

The Hotel St. Oswald features everything you might expect from a deluxe hotel experience.  It is spaciously designed.  The 53 rooms, apartments and suites offer plenty of space and elbow-room, catering to your every wish.  They reflect a classical modernity, radiate bright colors and are furnished to set you perfectly at ease.  The lobby is flooded with natural lighting and is designed to exude warmth, incorporating lots of woods and a tasteful, rustic interior. It is here that guests find cozy corners in which to chat, sip on a cocktail next to the open fire and enjoy the evening, until it is time to sit down to dinner.  The goal of the Scheriau Family and their staff: to fulfill all of their guests’ vacation expectations.
Wherever you cast your eye in the Hotel St. Oswald, every room and space is individually and comfortably designed.  The staff are so friendly and obliging, that guests notice immediately that this is place where people like to work, a place that gives the staff great personal joy.  The exceptional location of our establishment, in the midst of all the hiking and skiing opportunities afforded by the Nockberge, makes it possible to get the most out of your valuable vacation time.

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