Children’s Recreational Programs

Excerpt from our Summer Kids Program

We’ll play some fun games designed to help you get to know your new vacation pals!
Afterwards, we’ll go on a great treasure hunt through the forest.
I wonder which one of you will be the first to find the hidden treasure?
Boo! Welcome to our chamber of horrors. We’re going to dress up as witches, sorcerers, magicians and goblins, then we’ll go ahead and rehearse our play.
But then it’ll be time for a break from practicing, as we sit down and play some board games.
"Goodnight Moon,..."
Goodnight stories for us all to listen to!

“Bear Gymnastics” – to keep in shape!
Obstacle race on our playground
Only if you overcome all the hazards will you finally be crowned the champion!
Followed by the medals ceremony.
At which point, we will really have earned some lunch.
Ever made your own baseball cap? Discover your inner designer!
Now let’s head for the table-tennis tournament!

Fun workout just for kids!
Forest adventure together with the forester, Rudi.
Face-painting – what mask will you disguise yourself in today?
Performance of our play in the chamber of horrors


Morning farmhouse adventure – We’ll visit area farms, where we’ll even help out with some of the work and learn lots about the farmers’ daily life.
Lake party, including windsurfing and sailing

Paint a picture of your holidays. We’ll work together to create a huge vacation poster out of finger paints!

Good Morning!
Head for the stream! Today, we’re going to explore Neptune’s kingdom!

All kinds of fun and entertainment awaits us at our Kids Party -
BBQ, music-making, games, ... and countless surprises


Indian Workout!
Let’s see what’s going on in the kitchen! As a group, we’ll make ourselves a delicious cake.  And while it’s baking in the oven, we’ll play fun puzzles and guessing games.
Afterwards, we’ll get to taste our masterpiece, served up with lots of whipped cream and pop.

We’ll also check out the forest and the manger where the wildlife feeds.

Disco, fun and action in our Noise Room.

Survival training
River rafting
Raft rides on the Drau
Climbing in the Climbing Garden

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