Holiday experience for the whole family

An extra-special family vacation!
Here with us, there is always something new and exciting going on. As you start out your day well rested, you can set out and explore the surrounding region.  So many new things are just waiting to be discovered and experienced.  There is definitely no shortage of fun and action here with us in the Nockberge region.

So much to experience and discover!

In our immediate vicinity ...

• Soccer
• Cycling
• Swimming
• Mountaineering
• sailing, surfing, canyoning, ice skating
• Golf
• Hiking
• Tennis
• Tabletennis
• Mountainbiken and ride a bicycle

Kids’ Party!

Would you like to have a colorful, fun-filled party just for you and the other kids, with lots of confetti and a great buffet with all your favorite foods?  With no end of fun, games and music, this is the perfect setting for the most special day of your year.
Just send us a picture that shows us how you imagine your special party would look.
If your birthday falls during your stay at our hotel, you’ll get to stay at our hotel for free that day, and we’ll even grant you one special wish.

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