Hiking in the Nockberge

The mild and sun-drenched climate on the southern side of the Alps was seemingly created for those delightful hikes in the Nockberge mountains.

The special shape of the Nockberge and the clear mountain air, turn hiking in St. Oswald into a truly special experience. The panorama is breathtaking – no matter whether the hike is easy or hard. The region’s fauna and flora are also quite enchanting.  When the rhododendron are in bloom, for example, the mountains are turned into a pink sea of blossoms, a see that stretches out immediately before your balcony.  Even when it’s time for a well-earned break, there truly is nowhere better – stop in at one of the many mountain inns, inviting settings in which to give tired limbs a rest and while away a few relaxing moments. And be sure to visit one of our family’s very own huts – the Kaiserburg, the Rossalm and, in winter, the Nockalm.
Some of the pluses of a hiking vacation in Bad Kleinkirchheim:

  • 1,000km marked and well-maintained hiking paths
  • Safe trails ranging in elevation from 1,000 to 2,500m metres above sea level, serving up unforgettable panoramic views
  • Safe, guided hikes to the mountaintops, where splendid vistas await
  • Friendly, traditional mountain huts along the way
  • "A true rush": water in its most beautiful forms – bubbling springs, picturesque mountain tarns and rushing mountain streams
  • Nockberge biosphere park, home to distinctive flora and fauna which truly merit the protection they receive
  • Extended hikes for everyone: ride the cable lift into the mountains, then continue without any climbs of note, across the undulating hilltops of the Nockberge
  • Perfect setting for successful hiking vacations leave direct from the hotel or ride the cable lift
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